Handmade in Prison was founded by Noy Singer in 2019. Bags and earrings made in Sal island’s prison were the inspiration to set up this sustainable business. Did you know that 10% of the sales goes to the CSD-Foundation? 


When you buy our products made by prisoners, what will be the impact?


The prisoners use a few materials to make our products. These materials include: African fabrics, faux leather, cardboard, studs, buttons, yarn, glue, a pen, ruler, scissors.

Reducing recidivism together

When we do provide chances for the ones behind prison walls, something positive can be expected when they get out. This could lead to the reduce of recidivism. This means there's less chance for people getting another prison sentence. This leads to a safer and better society. Usually prisoners have a hard time finding a job after their sentence due to their criminal record. As a society, we can prevent this. We can do this by giving prisoners a chance to succeed during their time in prison, so they can build up a life at present ánd after release!


As there is still a lot of poverty in Cabo Verde, which often is a reason to commit crimes too. Prisoners do not have a uniform and are not given basic necessities. As a way to provide for themselves, using their creativity is the only way to survive. On the little map below you can see the location of Cabo Verde. 

Products with a story

These bags and earrings show that you are giving prisoners a second chance. Improving your own life can be hard, and we are all responsible for creating a safe and welcoming society. After prisoners are being punished and released, integration can be hard. Handmade In Prison wants to break this taboo together with you. When you're showing off your purchased bag and earrings, you show others you are contributing to a better world, as shown in the image below.


win win win

Who is Noy Singer?

Born, raised and based in the Netherlands, with roots in a few different countries, Noy has a love for cultures and meeting people. She graduated in retail trade and has a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy (Social Work). She travels whenever she can while searching for and combining new work opportunities. Fighting for equal treatment for all human beings is her motivation in life.
This made her being a lot in Cabo Verde and ended up here in 2013 for an internship in the prison, writing a book and spreading donated materials which tourists leave behind. Or guiding tourists around, showing them the real life on their holiday destination through the eyes of locals, with locals.
Noy is in search of products handmade in other prisons too.
Do you have a lead? Let us know!


Not buying anything at the moment but would just like to donate to our project? That's possible! 

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