We like to work together and co-create whenever we can. Once we do, we all grow at the same time! As a business, for a prisoner, a happy customer.
Check below to see our partners.


CSD stands for ’Co-creative Social Design'. 10% of the Handmade In Prison sales goes to the CSD-Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to invest in projects that create a long term effect towards sustainable tourism, improving education and local entrepreneurship. Starting on Sal island in Cabo Verde. A win-win situation is created this way for youth in prison and for the foundation’s other projects through these sales. Visit the instagram here. 


X-Films and Photography is owned by Xiixell Delgado who makes professional photography and videography content for companies on Sal Island, Cabo Verde, Africa. Visit his instagram here.

Terra Terra Tours 

This tour company is based on the island Santiago in Cabo Verde and is our partner within prison products, visits and support of Santiago’s prison ‘Sao Martinho’.

Sick Dog

Sick Dog is a group of friends who decided to use their experience to create a simple & fun way to provide the best that the Red Sea has to offer when it comes to Kite Surf!
They also have their own Sick Dog webshop where they sell merchandise.

Miguel Bernardo 

Miguel Bernardo is a creative freelancer who does photography and design. Visit his website here

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